Game of Thrones inspires New York high-rise design

A concept for a skyscraper overlooking New York’s Central Park, inspired by hit TV show Game of Thrones has been unveiled.

A facade covered in intricate sculptured gargoyles is the main feature of the design by architect Mark Foster Gage who says the work is a protest of what he calls “boxes clad in steel and glass.”

The tower, planned for 41 W 57th St., gained the nickname “The Khaleesi” – after the television show dragon-taming queen played by Emilia Clarke.

“The goal was high levels of detail… ‘High Resolution Architecture,’ so to speak,” Gage said.

“This is a different way of thinking about complex forms in architecture—that they don’t need to be symbolically representative but just enjoyed for their formal qualities.”

The architect explained how the name “Khaleesi” came about.

He said: “It’s not really called that—that was the code-name we were calling it in the office. Two of my employees were really into Game of Thrones when we started working on it and it just kinda stuck.