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GAJ to design Dubai College admin block

Dubai College has selected Godwin Austen Johnson (GAJ) to design its new administration block.

Acting as a single gateway to the college, the administration block will comprise a main reception, offices, and meeting rooms.

The college’s new administration block will feature a contemporary design direction, which will take full advantage of natural lighting to provide a modern and welcoming space, according to GAJ.


GAJ and Dubai College have been collaborating since the educational institution’s inauguration in 1978. The college’s initial master plan was drawn up 40 years ago with the involvement of GAJ’s managing partner, Brian Johnson.

Commenting on the college’s latest project, Jason Burnside, partner at GAJ, said: “As architects, one of our prime considerations is to accommodate the needs of today while anticipating changes in education five years from now.

“With Dubai College, our flexible approach throughout has allowed us to continually adapt and update the facilities so that each new upgrade blends seamlessly with the existing structure,” he added.

The UAE-headquartered architect has designed all of the Dubai College’s facilities since its inauguration, including classrooms, specialist laboratories, a lecture theatre, a multipurpose hall, a design technology centre, a swimming pool, and associated external works.


Work is expected to commence later this month.