CO Architects, FXFOWLE

FXFOWLE forms joint venture with CO Architects

US practices CO Architects and FXFOWLE have formed a joint venture known as CO/FXFOWLE in order to expand each firm’s reach.

New York-based FXFOWLE is particularly active in the Middle East, having designed several buildings in KSA’s  King Abdullah Financial District, including the Museum of Built Environment (pictured).

Los Angeles firm CO Architects has extensive experience in healthcare, science and technology, medical-education, and civic typologies.

The move represents a collaboration in all project services, rather than the customary design architect/associate architect relationship.

Each firm will maintain its individual identity and operations while pursuing new projects together under the joint venture.

CO/FXFOWLE is one of three firms to participate in a competition to design a new building for an educational institution in New York City.

Scott Kelsey, managing principal of CO Architects, commented: “FXFOWLE shares the same aspirations for design as CO Architects. There is a consistent attitude toward what we are trying to accomplish in architecture in terms of design, craft, detailing, and sustainability.”