Future elevator art competition from KONE

The future of vertical elevator transport is the subject of an art competition being organised by KONE across the UAE and Qatar.

 The company is asking people to draw their visualisations of what the coming decades hold in the field of lifts in tall buildings.

 Each drawing should be an imagining of a future elevator, made using coloured pencils, crayons, water-colours or markers – but without the use of digital tools.

 “Being able to innovate and image the future has been one of our success factors throughout the history of KONE,” said Noha Kadora, company marketing specialist.

 “We believe in nurturing creativity and originality and are excited to launch this art contest. In the UAE and Qatar, many of us take several elevator rides a day making it an important part of our daily lives. We look forward to ideas on what an elevator ride could be like in the future.”

 The competition, open to all residents of the two countries, runs throughout September and prizes are gift vouchers to bookstores.

 Scanned copies of drawings can be submitted online at www.kone.ae/artcontest and the contest itself followed on www.facebook.com/KONEMiddleEast