Fujairah Ceramics at Big 5

Re-Life For Your Walls is the philosophy which underpins Fujairah Ceramics, a company which was exhibiting at this year’s Big 5 event in Dubai.

Traditional marble, pearl finishes and different types of stone are just some of the products showcased by the company at the event in the World Trade Centre.

Others included textiles based on traditional Islamic designs which are a major part of the company’s aim to keep alive the heritage of the Middle East when it comes to buildings, architecture and decoration.

Ahmed Hayani was one of the staff members who manned the stand and he said he was encouraged at the level of business his company was doing and the interest shown in its products.

He said: “We have five factories across the region all concerned with the manufacture of ceramics, with marble and with insulating materials which are very important in an area such as the Middle East.

“Business has been good for a year or two now – there is a growing demand for our work. On January 1 2014 we will be opening a new showroom in Dubai and I think that shows how we are progressing. It will be the ideal base for our increasing work in Saudi Arabia and across the rest of the GCC, where we benefit by ruling on no import duties.”

One of the major products the company makes is marble which uses the brown colours associated with the kestrel as its major influence.

Other shades are taken from the statues of the classical age of Ancient Greece and Rome, where greys predominate.

“Our products can bring a whole new life to walls whether they are in homes, hotels, or public buildings,” said Hayani.