Fernando Romero’s glowing globe reflects the sounds of the sun

A glowing globe comprised of 2,880 crystals which is accompanied by a soundtrack of noises made by the sun has been created by Mexican architect Fernando Romero.

El Sol, commissioned by crystal company Swarovski, contains a sphere of LEDs that change colour in response to a video stream of the sun provided by NASA.

“We thought we would do something related with light,” Romero, founder and director of architecture firm FR-EE, said. “It’s an opportunity to develop a product that connects the important of light in architecture with the importance of light in the way in which you value the beauty of prisms.”

The outer layer consists of pieces of crystal in four different shapes, contained within 3D-printed resin.

Calculated to be one-billionth of the size of the real sun, the design of the ball was inspired by geometry used by the Aztec and Mayan races of central America for constructing their sacred pyramids.

“The project has allowed me to explore mathematics in relation to nature and my Mexican ancestry, which is very important and personal to my practice,” Romero added.