False alarm at Torch Tower as Twitter tributes pour in for rescue workers

Just one day after the blaze which ripped through Dubai’s Torch Tower residents were roused from their beds by another fire alarm.

Some went out onto the street before they were told there was no danger

Resident Melissa O’Neill posted on Twitter: “After a difficult night back home the last thing we needed was the fire alarm going off this morning. Torch Tower: won’t sleep ever again!”

The apartments affected by the blaze include the 101 and 108 series from the 51st floor and up.

While the cause of fire remains under investigation, the Dubai Police has ruled out arson.

Kingfield Owner Association Management Services has stated it has arranged for temporary shelter and provisions for residents in the adjacent Princess Tower.

It added in a statement: “The main focus at this time is to ensure that all residents are safe and looked after while we also assist in arrangements for alternative accommodation for those whose apartments have been affected.”

On Twitter, the hashtag #TorchTower has been used to report developments and praise the efforts of fire crews.

The picture above was posted by Kiera Doherty @kikipigeon ” This fire warden called Dave is absolutely amazing. Calm, in control & sharing info as he gets it #TorchTower