Expo 2015: China’s pavilion features indoor crop field and wavy roof

New York-based Studio Link-Arc joined a team from Tsinghua University in designing a competition winning proposal for the China pavilion at the World Expo 2015 in Milan.

The structure is meant to represent “a cloud hovering over a land of hope”, including a field of crops with a wavy, undulating roof overhead.

The designer’s plan includes using large bamboo panels to create a series of shingles across the roof, reminiscent of the terracotta tiles used in traditional Chinese buildings. They will be fixed onto arching wooden frames.

“The pavilion’s floating roof is designed as a timber structure that references the ‘raised-beam’ system found in traditional Chinese architecture, but is adapted to accommodate modern construction technology,” the architects explained.

Beneath the roof, a field of wheat designed to reference China’s agrarian past will merge into a interactive installation where LED lights are hooked up to electronic stalks.

Leading up to a series of exhibitions and cultural programs placed around the sheltered plaza, the space will also include a staircase that allows visitors to access rooftop viewing platforms that offers aerial views of the field and surroundings.

“The pavilion’s full exhibition and cultural offerings are experienced as a sequence of spaces, beginning with an exterior waiting area in the landscape, leading to a themed exhibition space with interactive installations and cultural offerings from 40 Chinese provinces,” they said.