International Architectural Conservation and Exhibition, Rashad Bukhash

Experts to attend architectural conservation event

The 3rd International Architectural Conservation and Exhibition hopes to pull in international figures like Prince Charles and Queen Rania to its event, along with conservation experts.

Eng. Rashad Bukhash, chairman of the organising committee, director of the Architectural Heritage Department, Dubai Municipality announced the theme of “Architectural Conservation: Present and Future”.

In an interview with Middle East Architect, Eng. Bukhash said: “It’s a very good participation, and many experts on conservation will be there. Prince Sultan Bin Salman, the chief director of Tourism and Culture from Saudi Arabia, is attending.”

“We have sent an invitation to Prince Charles of Britain, to Queen Rania of Jordan, and Sheikha Mai Bint Mohammed Al Khalifa from the Ministry of Culture,” he added.

The five main topics the conference will cover include: policies, strategies and decision making in historic environment; economics of conservation and sustainable environment; cultural development and awareness; management of cultural heritage in historic areas; and project implementation and practical aspects of urban conservation.

Eng. Bukhash said the heritage awareness section of the department aims to increase knowledge of the history, culture and architecture of the city. Part of this commitment includes organising the conference.

He said the first international conference on architectural conservation was held in 2004, with the second edition taking place in 2007.

The organising committee has received over 360 abstracts covering all five themes.

In addition, students from local and international universities will be participating in the event. Local universities slated to attend include American University in Dubai (AUD), American University of Sharjah (AUD), UAE University and Sharjah University.

The conference will take place in Dubai between December 17-19, 2012.