Egyptian marble company strives for growth

Egypt-based El Badr marble are first time exhibitors at the Big 5 construction show, aiming to network and connect with people in the industry.

“We need to widen our market,” said Ahmed Zeinhom, sales executive at the firm. “We have plans to be very well known in the market and for that we are planning to get more machinery. We have big targets in our future work.”

El Badr has its own quarry in Egypt, which started its preliminary exploration and development in stone cuts. The dimensions boast six combined quarries located nearby the red sea mountains with a production capacity of around 120 cubic metres per day, offering blocks, slabs and cut to size.

Its end product, Galala Beige marble, is physically and optically consistent as well as being a highly durable aggregate.

“Egyptian marble is famous for its high end prices and colour. The colour of our marble competes with the most high-end Italian Crème Marfel products which is a very expensive material.”

The marble produced by El Badr comes in a variety of finishes that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces as well as for walls and flooring. Some of its collections can even be used to create facades for buildings and homes.

On show at the fair, El Badr displayed its Split Face marble collection, especially created to be used in pavements and gardens.

Its other collections include Galala Light which comes in three finishes: brushed orange peel and honed; Galala Gold, Galala Cream and Galala Classic.