Educational charity founded by Dubai architect

Design professional Christian Vasquez works in Dubai for the National Engineering Bureau. But he also runs the charity Architect Gives Back which helps to send children to school in his home country of The Philippines.

At a low cost to its donors the project also ensures the children have a meal at school.

He said: “The group was started by a group of architects who just simply wants to give back and help.   And what better way to establish a better future than to build a solid foundation through proper education.

“And one dhm per day for a year can practically send one child to school.  This small amount does not only take care of the child’s education, but it includes his daily meals as well.”

The idea came during a meeting for a coffee in a Dubai café.

Vasquez said: “It was almost nine years ago, pre-recession times. A group of architects here in Dubai enjoying their venti sized capuccinos and wondering what could this coffee cup mean to some people? So we were just throwing ideas around when one of us blurted out, “hey, it can feed a person for one week.

“If you feel that helping the children by providing them with a better education is the right cause, you can get in touch with a local government office, or an educational administrator and find out the needs and requirements for helping a child enter a school.  Or you can join the Architect Gives Back Project and with a small amount, you can send one child to school for a year and this includes feeding them their daily meals.”