Dutch firm apologises for design which evokes 9/11

The architecture firm behind a high-rise design, which resembles the World Trade Centre attacks, has issued an apology.

A proposed project in Seoul, called The Cloud, was considered by many US bloggers to look like the twin towers exploding.

The design, by MVRDV, involves two luxury residential towers connected by a skybridge, about midway up, with clusters of cubes jutting out from the buildings.

In a statement posted on its website, MVRDV said it “regrets deeply any connotations” that were evocative of 9/11 in its design.

“It is one of many projects in which MVRDV experiments with a raised city level to reinvent the often solitary typology of the skyscraper,” the firm added.

“It was not our intention to create an image resembling the attacks nor did we see the resemblance during the design process. We sincerely apologize to anyone whose feelings we have hurt, it was not our intention.”