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Dubai’s RTA reveals plan to 3D-print transport infrastructure

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced its plans to 3D-print transport infrastructure across the emirate, Construction Week Online reported.

New initiatives have been launched by the RTA committee that is responsible for the implementation of the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy.

RTA has also entered joint venture agreements with “flagship companies” to support its 3D-printing ambitions.

“RTA intends to implement 3D printing technology [for] various projects, such as a pedestrian bridge, Hatta Gates, bus stops, and marine transport stations,” said Abdul Reda Abu Hassan, chairperson of RTA’s Dubai 3D Printing Strategy Implementation Committee, and executive director of rail projects planning and development at RTA’s Rail Agency.

“Using 3D printing technology in implementing these projects will help developing innovative methods capable of contributing effectively to promoting Dubai as the smartest city.”

Hassan said rapid advancements were noted in the 3D-printing technology arena, and that RTA was “strongly inclined to be a forerunner in this generation of technology”.

“To realise our projected objectives, we have engaged in joint ventures with flagship companies, [and] we are fully confident that this digital technology will revolutionise the way in which Dubai’s mass transit projects are implemented,” he added.

This September, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was inked between RTA and Siemens to expand the transport authority’s use of 3D printing.

In October 2016, RTA announced its uptake of 3D printing to maintain key elements of Dubai Metro.

Siemens and RTA’s agreement was expected to “practically enhance” the latter’s 3D printing programmes.

The MoU would “seek to extend the sources of spare parts for the Dubai Metro and increase their availability, reduce obsolescence issues, and enable getting improved parts with better performance and increased features”, according to Dubai Media Office.

Last month, Cazza revealed its plans to begin constructing the world’s first 3D-printed skyscraper in Dubai within the next five years.

Photo Credit: RTA