Dubai to feature first outdoor climate-controlled areas for World Islands project

Dubai’s mega project The World Islands will be featuring European-style streets containing snow and rain for The Heart of Europe development.

Spanning six islands, The Heart of Europe will feature villas, hotels and marketplaces inspired by the architecture and lifestyle of the European continent and will offer the “only outdoor climate controlled areas in the world.”

Local newspaper The National, reported that the group said it would use “state-of-the-art German technology” to achieve this but provided no further information about the innovation.

“Dubai is well known for its innovation, ambition, excitement and intrigue,” said Josef Kleindienst, chief executive of Kleindienst Group, the property agent and developer behind the project.

The newspaper reported that the the first step of the construction process includes “vibro-compaction” of the islands, before erecting the buildings.

Details such as unique floating homes were also spoken of, although no further details were mentioned of these either.

The construction for the project is anticipated to be completed by 2016.

The Heart of Europe project will include Mainland Europe which is the largest of the islands inspired by Austrian, Italian, Spanish, German and French architecture and heritage. The other islands take inspiration from Monaco, Sweden, Switzerland, as well as St Petersburg in Russia.

“This will be a truly unique vacation destination providing an authentic experience of some of Europe’s most charming and timeless features,” said Kleindiesnt. “The six stunning islands will offer leading hotels for families and wedding parties, landscaped gardens, climate-controlled plazas, street performers, snow and rain-lined streets and much, much more.”

To date, Lebanon is the only island developed commercially on The World Islands.