Dubai to ‘become centre of the world’ by 2100

A senior statistician has predicted that Dubai will become the centre of the world, snatching the title from London, by the year 2100.

Speaking during the UAE Government Summit 2015 in Dubai, Dr. Hans Rosling (pictured), co-founder of Gapminder, said that population growth in Africa and Asia would push the centre of focus from Europe to Dubai.

Using raw data from the UN to base his predictions, Dr Rosling said of the world’s current population of seven billion, one billion live in the Americas, one billion live in Africa, one billion live in Europe, and four billion live in Asia.

By the year 2050, the European population will decline through a dip in new births but the African population will double to two billion, and Asia’s population will climb to over five billion people.

“By year 2100, America would have less than 10 per cent of the world’s population while 80 per cent of the population would be in Africa and Asia. The surge in population growth in Africa and Asia would make Dubai the centre of the world by 2100,” Dr Rosling predicted.

To prepare, nations throughout the Asian continent – of which the GCC is included – are pouring efforts into construction projects. China’s push to build has seen enormous projects for new cities started, while the country also completed an extraordinary number of skyscrapers through 2014; Singapore and India recently inked a deal to build a new capital city for the state of Andra Pradesh in India’s south eastern coast, and the GCC’s considerable infrastructure projects, major transport networks and ongoing residential and business developments continue to fuel the construction industry.

Providing further insights based on available data, Dr Rosling said the world is moving towards and healthier children.

“While in the 1800s a couple had on the average eight children of which only four survived as a result of harsh living conditions, by 1900s out of six children four survived. However, the new balance in 2012 shows every couple having only two children with both the children surviving,” Dr. Rosling said.

The world over, in all countries, two-child families has become the norm. “Families and governments are today keen on supporting the young population with education and better facilities. The emerging market of the world is the young couple in any country with their ambitions and dreams. These young couples are the driving force behind the changes in the world,” Dr. Rosling said.