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Dubai skyscrapers destroyed by deluge in new Hollywood blockbuster

The destruction of Dubai’s world famous high-rise skyline is a major feature of a film set to be released later this year.

The latest trailer from Warner Bros for Geostorm, starring Gerard Butler and Abbie Cornish and directed by Dean Devlin, sees the waters of the Arabian Gulf flooding through the towers of Downtown Dubai.

But it has attracted criticism on social media – mainly due to the fact that the buildings seem to be closer to the beach and the Al Wasl area appears to have disappeared.

Comments include: “I’m not sure yet but was Burj Khalifa moved near the coastline? Digital effects already dissolved Al Wasl and Jumeirah from the map’ and “Why is Burj Khalifa on the beach?”

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The film’s plot revolves around a scientist who is attempting to save the world from a giant storm, which has been created by weather control satellites.

This is not the first time a disaster has hit Dubai on the silver screen. In the latest Independence Day film, the Burj Khalifa was hurled into the River Thames by a giant spacecraft.

Dubai also provided the setting for a space station for the latest Star Trek movie.