Dubai skyline ranked world’s sixth-best

A ranking list released by real estate data management firm Emporis states Dubai boasts the sixth-best skyline in the world.

The list, which “ranks cities by the visual impact of their skylines. It is drawn entirely from statistics in this website’s database, and reflects only completed high-rise buildings as defined by the Emporis Standards Committee (ESC).

“This calculation does not include TV towers, masts, bridges, or other structures. About the formula: Each building is assigned points based on its floor count. The point total for each city is calculated automatically and displayed,” the report adds.

According to the list, Hong Kong (China), with 7,794 buildings and 133,531 points, has the world’s best skyline, followed by New York City (USA); Singapore; Moscow (Russia); Seoul (South Korea); and, Dubai (UAE).

Dubai’s 686 buildings ranked by the list were awarded 20,642 points, as per Emporis’ website.

Chicago (USA); Shanghai (China); Sao Paulo (Brazil); and, Bangkok (Thailand) follow Dubai on the list as last four of the top 10 best skylines around the world.