Dubai showcases genius of Leonardo da Vinci

A selection of masterpieces and inventions, all the work of Italian Renaissance genius  Leonardo da Vinci, are on display at The Dubai Mall until Tuesday August 13.

More than 40 life-size revolutionary machines and copies of his paintings are on display in
the Grand Atrium.

All items were made by engineers and carpenters from Florence, Italy, according to the inventor’s exact detailed designs.

Leonardo da Vinci. who lived from 1452 – 1519, was one of the most talented people of any
era of history in numerous fields.

He was a painter, sculptor, architect, mathematician, inventor, anatomist, etcher,
geologist, cartographer, botanist and writer.

The Mona Lisa, housed in the Paris Louvre, is his most famous work of art.

On show the inventions are grouped into four categories — air, water, earth, and fire — highlighting the
inventor’s contribution to technology.

“Leonardo da Vinci is the most significant representative of the Italian Renaissance. By showing his
inventions, we want to provide historical evidence of the everlasting Italian talent for innovation, creativity and engineering that continues today,” the country’s Consul General Giovanni Favilli said.

The artist and inventor’s work has also become part of popular culture, with writer Dan Brown’s
novel “The Da Vinci Code” being turned into a hit movie starring Tom Cruise and Audrey Tautou.

The exhibition, called “Leonardo Da Vinci – The Genius and His Inventions”, is usually
housed in Rome but is currently on a world tour.