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Dubai Municipality amends rule for low-rise building contractors

Dubai contractors can now design and build metal structures up to two floors without needing to appoint a consultancy office, following a municipality decision, Construction Week Online reported.

The Buildings Department of Dubai Municipality (DM) has issued a ruling to allow contractors to build metal structures, and carry out design and implementation work on industrial projects of up to two floors, without the requirement of appointing a consultant.

DM’s decision could help industrial landowners and project investors reduce both the cost and time it takes to complete such projects in Dubai.

To support this initiative, a team has been set up by the Buildings Department to liaise with landowners and investors, which will help DM officials understand the challenges contractors face when it comes to the design and implementation of metal structures.

DM’s Buildings Department said it would qualify up to 230 contracting companies in Dubai to ensure the presence of “technical cadres”, and that projects were carried out in line with local standards, WAM reported.