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Dubai is a great place to develop your skills as an architect, says NORR’s Aman Yusuf

According to Aman Yusuf, an architect at the Dubai-based architecture and engineering firm NORR, Dubai is “a great place to develop your skills as an architect”, especially in comparison with North America or the U.K.

“If you’re working as an architect, Dubai lets you push the boundaries. And not just design-wise, but career-wise. The emirate throws young architects in the pool, so to speak. They can achieve much more faster here.”

Entering his fifth year at NORR, the AUS-graduate was born in Karachi and raised in the UAE. Having mostly worked on residential projects with UAE developer Emaar thus far, Yusuf hopes to one day create religious buildings.

“It doesn’t matter what religion, but spiritual institutions are beautiful and I think they’d give me more room for creativity,” he said.

The full interview with Yusuf will be published in Middle East Architect’s October issue.