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Dubai Hyperloop will foster a ‘Gold Coast of Arabia’ says B+H Architects’ Phillip Jones

Phillip Jones, principal and managing director of Dubai-based architecture, design and planning company B+H Architects, says that the next 10 years will see the development of a ‘Gold Coast of Arabia’ along the UAE’s shoreline.

“There’s a big story happening with the bullet train [Hyperloop],” he says. “There’s a lot of coast line from Ras Al Khaimah up to the Saudi border that’s yet to be developed. It’s going to be a coastal megalopolis. And I think that’s what their ultimate goal is — to become to this coastal resort community.”

According to Jones, the next 10 years will see UAE authorities and developers focus their efforts on attracting a range of populations, from the upper middle class and wealthy who are within an 8-10 flight, to the millennial generations from Europe, Asia and Africa.

“If you’re in Africa and you’re wealthy and want to shop and relax, where are you going to fly to? You’re going to fly to Dubai,” he says.

“So if you look at all the neighbouring regions, that’s a catchment of 2.5 to 3 billion people, of which 10% can afford to get on a plane and spend time in the UAE. And if 10% of that population choose to make Dubai a second home, we’re still talking about 30 million people.”

With Dubai focusing on attracting and retaining this 10% as Jones mentions, the ‘Gold Coast’ will likely be speaking to the second home vacation market, and offering community developments that provide access to general social infrastructure, like cinemas and beachfront promenades.

“It’s a great vacation place for other Gulf citizens too,” Jones says. “And I think there’s at least another 20 years of attracting this market to Dubai.”

The full interview with Jones will be published in Middle East Architect‘s upcoming July issue, as part of its ‘Dubai: The Next Decade’ series. Other contributing voices include Christian Vasquez from NEB and Joe Tabet from JT+Partners.

During Middle East Rail earlier this year, Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd said the super-transport system could transform the GCC both socially and economically with a faster, more efficient and cleaner system of mobility.