Dubai hospital project by Perkins + Will uses design to aid patient welfare

The way that hospital design can influence patient recovery and welfare is a core focus at a new project by Perkins + Will, Kings College Hospital, Dubai.

It is a facility focusing on obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics, endocrinology (diabetes) and liver transplants.

Stas Louca, director of the healthcare wing at the firm said: “Studies have shown as little as three minutes of contact with nature significantly reduces stress, anger and fear.

Fruit garden.

Ground floor garden.

“For KCH we have built in windows with landscape and downtown skyline views in each, single patient increasing levels of natural light, in turn inducing calmness. In addition, particularly with the pediatric ward we have included artwork into the design of the walls to create texture and nature designs on the ceilings in the form of back-lit stretch fabrics.”

Main public lobby.

Cafe on the lobby level.

He added that giving patients a sense of control can significantly decrease stress and the design features individual in-room environmental controls.

Consultation room.

Louca said: “We have created an area where patients are able to control everything from lighting, sound and temperature to when they would like their meals and what they would like to eat. All of these components are centrally controlled by a handset attached to the patient’s bed.”