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Dubai Expo can act as focus for climate change awareness

How Dubai Expo can help to make people more aware of the issue of climate change formed a discussion held in Alkersal Avenue, outside the new Concrete cultural centre, designed by OMA.

The debate followed a showing of Leonardo di Caprio’s film “Before the Flood” which documented a worldwide journey taken by the actor, environmentalist and United Nations Messenger of Peace.

In it he looks at melting ice in Greenland, flooding in Miami, crop devastation in India and habitat destruction in Indonesia and Canada. He also interviews former US president Barack Obama, ex UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Pope Francis – all of whom offer support for cause.

The climate change presentation was held in conjunction with Dubai Expo, which has sustainability as one of its main platforms.

Dr Federica Busa, theme director of Expo 2020, said: “We have 180 countries participating in the event and what really matters is what can we leave behind in people’s minds to make changes and engage people.

“What can make us change what we do? Already we are helping people to come prepared with knowledge and the ability to make a difference. It’s not just a silo of science, government, NGOs. Sustainability is all the different pieces that come together. There are more people now [on Earth]. But that means more ideas and more solutions.”

Dr Hayat Shamsuddin, Expo culture advisor, added: “The Expo can act on this matter as a means of connection between nations.”