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Dubai developers to align with new building codes at upcoming windows and facades exhibition

With the second edition of the Windows, Doors & Facades exhibition coming up, the new requirements announced by the Buildings Department at the Dubai Municipality will be addressed by Dubai developers.

The new directive prohibits the use of flammable materials and components that hinder fire resistance in facades. The announcement is part of the municipality’s ongong efforts to develop construction practices through the application of the highest international standards that guarantee security and safety of Dubai’s high-rise residents. The new measures surfaced following a number of global and regional blazes which revamped debates on the implementation of fire safety regulations in high-rise towers.

“The event will host experts that are dedicated to the development of innovative solutions made to support the industry to adapt and comply with the updated requirements of the Dubai building code,” said Muhammed Kazi, exhibition director of Windows, Doors & Facades 2017.

The industry’s only dedicated platform in the region will host educational seminars to raise awareness around fire risks, in addition to the nature and characteristics of associated combustible products. Industry experts will conduct workshops covering the anticipation of behaviour of materials and structure, including how fires originate, spread and how they can be controlled and extinguished.

The showcased solutions will address fire safety from a “whole building” perspective. The recommended engineering approach to fire safety and security analyse and assess designs using modern tools, methodologies and performance criteria, that are in line with the goals and objectives set by Dubai’s building code.


“The application of fire safety engineering to the building design requires qualitative and quantitative analysis, followed by the assessment against the requirements presented in Dubai’s updated building code.,” said Umur Duymaz, general manager at Orgadata Middle East.

“Windows Doors & Facades 2017 presents an opportunity for the industry leaders in Dubai to exchange expertise with regional and global professionals to support the adoption of global best building practice when it comes to safety, quality and cost effectiveness which can be achieved with the right tools, software and proper profile systems”