Dubai Design Week: Explore literature as architecture

Dubai Design Week, in collaboration with Emirates Literature Foundation, presents the Laboratory of Literature Architecture (LabLitArch), a cross-disciplinary exploration of literature and architecture that examines how pure,spatial wordless thought is an essential aspect of both literary and architectural structures.

LabLitArch, developed and delivered by architect and writer Matteo Pericoli, is adapted specifically for literature and architecture students, as well as emerging and established writers and architects.



By analysing and focusing on the core elements of a given text, participants will be able to determine their role and importance in relationship to the overall structure. These concepts will then be translated into an architectural model that is not a literal representation of the text (ie. a three-dimensional description of the spaces or locations described in the text), but rather a literary representation, which expresses the essential ideas of the text’s structure in spatial form.

Participants of this 24-hour workshop will learn how to interpret, design and build an architectural model based on the structure of a literary text.

The workshops will take place from 24 – 28 October (5 – 9pm) in room 06, Building 5, Dubai Design District (d3). Participation fee is 500 AED and pre-registration is required.