Dubai Airport adopts new green design

Following a global trend of environmental conservation, Dubai International Airport, soon to be the world’s largest airport, is set to feature a sustainability-focused Concourse D.

The Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) aims to be as energy efficient as possible and will implement several green initiatives that will reduce the environmental impact of the new facility.

These initiatives include using recycling programmes during construction, the use of renewable energy as well as the application of locally sourced and recycled building materials.

Both Dubai Airports and DAEP, aim to endorse a strong and environmentally sound execution in design, construction and overall operation by incorporating an array of 192 solar panels measuring 450m2, which will be erected on the roof of the building.

The terminal’s lighting will combine natural sunlight with efficient lighting and sensors for maximum efficiency and minimum heat output.

Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths notes that new “green” terminal is in accord with a larger industry movement towards carbon neutrality.

“Designing environmentally friendly terminals is key to limiting our energy consumption and carbon footprint over time and fits in with our broader environmental policy. It also supports our industry’s target of carbon neutral growth by 2020,” Griffiths explained.

The wing is designed to contain 100 additional airline companies and is scheduled to launch in 2015.