Downtown Design to showcase Home of Tomorrow installation

Downtown Design will be showcasing an installation called the Home of Tomorrow which presents the potential of an interactive home, fusing technology and high-end design.

The installation will inform visitors about how this easy-to-use technology can transform our every day lives with the use of smart technologies that link together various home appliances.

These home appliances are linked to one another through Wi-Fi  and can be controlled by using an mobile app that is availabkle through a touch pad or a mobile phone.

Working in collaboration with ikonhouse, the high tech installation will showcase features such as window-blinds that roll up and down depending on sunset and sunrise, high tech bulbs that turn off automatically as well as glass panels that transform from transparent to opaque to provide privacy.

Cristina Romelli Gervasoni, fair director of Downtown Design said: “Home automation is already here and it is intuitive to use. We can imagine that the smart home of tomorrow will learn our habits and adapt to our lifestyles, blending seamlessly into our every day lives.

“The key is to make sure that we never notice that all these technologies are there. We are excited to see how our visitors interact with the exhibit.”

Downtown Design will take place from 28 to 31 October at The Venue in Downtown Dubai.