Downtown Design plans flooring show

UAE: With Dubai looking to more than double the existing number of hotel rooms in the region to account for the expected rise in tourism, flooring options for hospitality projects are currently expanding to offer designers and architects optimum solutions.

Downtown Design, one of the region’s top design fairs is looking forward to its second annual edition which will focus on an ‘original design theme’ and see a new flooring exhibition.

The flooring show will further cement the theme of this year’s Downtown Design and showcase a number of exhibitors from around the world.

Cristina Romelli Gervasoni, fair director, Downtown Design, says: “The theme of Downtown Design 2014 is Original Design; and originality refers to the quality of materials, attention to detail, superior craftsmanship and thoughtful design that are combined to ultimately enhance our quality of life.”

Some of the trends that visitors at the design fair will be able to witness include concepts focused on carpets, mosaic tiling and wood.

‘Back to Nature’ carpeting is a rising trend with its carpets inspired by the natural world. Companies like Tai Ping will make their Middle East debut this year with designs such as Tree Trunk and Reservoir Rug. Made of wools, silks and cashmere fibers, Tai Ping’s designs are known internationally.

Another trend in the carpet industry is the Adaptive Trompe L’Oeil, which refers to the art of combining traditional Persian carpet weaving with contemporary designs. This allows hotels and hospitality destinations to use common designs in unexpected ways. At Downtown Design, such pioneers in this trend like Golran will be exhibiting and showcasing its ability to fuse tradition with contemporary design.

Non-carpet related trends include the Mosaic Renaissance and the Old-new Wood. The former refers to the global revival of mosaic tiling. The Mosaic Renaissance sees finishes in vibrant jewel-like colours fused with intricate geometric patterns. The delicate latticework is popular among Middle East clients as it relates to the region’s Islamic aesthetics.

Visitors will be able to network with those pioneering mosaic designs such as Sicis, while those looking for wooden designs can explore the hardwood options provided by UK-based Silvan, among others. According to Downtown Design, trends in hardwood are leaning toward longer and wider planks.

Gervasoni notes: “Investing in high quality flooring is essential not only for the obvious practical reasons, but also because [the] floor is what sets the tone for a room’s ambience and can be an ideal backdrop to highlight the furniture, accessories and decorative details that will define [your] space.

“This is a message we are eager to convey, so this year, we will be hosting the finest brands and global trendsetters in flooring, giving our visitors an opportunity to meet the people behind the brands.”