Architecture books, MIT Press

Digital archive of MIT Press’ landmark architecture books will be available free online

The MIT Press, in collaboration with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, has announced that it will digitise some of the most important out-of-print architecture and urban studies books published by the former, and make them freely accessible online for discovery and research.

A $157,000 grant by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation will help MIT Press, arguably the most influential architecture and urban research publishers, digitise an archive of image-rich and intellectually sought-after architecture and urban studies titles, which will come new forewords, specially commissioned for the collection.  Upon the completion of this initiative, MIT Press aims to make available freely a minimum of 25 titles on several platforms, including its own ebook service.

Among the titles to be first released are John Templer’s “The Staircase,” regarded as the first theoretical and historical analysis of the elemental stair; Donald Leslie Johnson’s “Frank Lloyd Wright vs. America: The 1930s”; and Grant Hildebrand’s “On Leon Battista Alberti: His Literary and Aesthetic Theories.”

Photo: MIT Press

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