Dewan awarded Basra Culture Centre design

UAE-based Dewan has won a contract to design the Basra Culture Centre which will form part of a new administrative complex in the Iraq province.

The centre will contain areas for fine arts exhibitions, meeting rooms, conference halls, heritage museums, cinema halls, a theatre, radio and television broadcasting department.

It will also feature a public library, cafeteria and large areas with lush greenery.

Mohamed Al Assam, founder, chairman and managing director of Dewan, commented: “The Basra Culture Centre will be the cultural platform of the city.

“With the city’s importance in mind, our design is modern and contemporary, while still celebrating Basra’s heritage and cultural and commercial legacy, thus reflecting a bright image of the city for many years to come.”

The facade is notable for randomly-placed diagonal square-shaped openings, reminiscent of the ‘dots’ in Arabic calligraphy.

The openings gradually reduce in size as they get closer to the main entrance void, the heart of the project where social interaction takes place, with curvilinear gradual architectural elements that resemble an open book.

In addition to its main function as an entrance for the public, the central void contains sequential ramps, linked on different levels, connecting the two parts of the building.

The project is another win for Dewan’s newly established Basra branch office, which also picked up the Basra Governorate Building and the 5-star Shatt Al Arab Hotel.