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Developers need to start building infrastructure now to accommodate flying vehicles, RTA said

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) is planning to hold talks with the largest developers in the emirate to get them ready to offer flying taxi services to residents in their communities, a senior government official has said.

Last week, it was reported that Dubai was planning to start commercial operations of pilotless aerial taxis within the next five years, with the first of the trial tests for Volocopter aerial vehicle slated to be held before year-end.

“Eventually, we will have to start discussing with important developers such as Emaar Properties, Dubai Properties and others, to see if these developers are interested in providing these kind of services to their residents,” Ahmed Bahrozyan, chief executive officer, RTA Licensing Agency, and chairman of the smart vehicles committee, told Arabian Business.

“We have to work with them to see what kind of infrastructure (take-off and landing zone) is required in their developments so they can cater for it from now.”

Bahrozyan said the RTA will work with the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority to draft a new legislation for aerial vehicles, though at present it sits in a “grey area from aviation perspective”.

Recently, architects who spoke to designMENA said airborne vehicles will impact the architecture of Dubai. Joe Tabet of J+T Partners said: “We’ll be building in the air soon.”