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Developer Azizi confirms construction of skyscraper set to become one of Dubai’s tallest

Construction of one of Dubai’s biggest-ever skyscrapers is reportedly set to begin in the summer, Construction Week Online reported.

Real estate developer Azizi Developments told Construction Week that a Gulf News article that said the company planned to build a megastructure along Sheikh Zayed Road in the summer of 2018 was “accurate”.

The as yet unnamed colossal construct would reportedly tower over 570 meters into the air. And assuming the building is this tall once built, it would be among the biggest skyscrapers in Dubai – and the world.

The 830m-tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest building in the world today. But the Dubai Creek Tower is reportedly set to break this record and is rumoured to be the emirate’s tallest building upon completion in 2020. However, details on its intended height are a closely guarded secret.

However, due to the confidential nature of this tall ambition, an Azizi Developments spokesperson declined to comment when Construction Week asked if the in-the-pipeline skyscraper would be the third-tallest in Dubai. Nor would the spokesperson disclose the project’s valuation, whether the property would be residential or commercial, or when the structure would open its doors to the public.

But according to the Gulf News article, the authenticity of which Aziz Developments attested, two huge constructions are under development along Sheikh Zayed Road. One will be the skyscraper, another a twin-tower on Dubai Water Canal adjacent to Safa Park.

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