Designers discuss original design as region braces for construction boom

Last week the organisers behind Downtown Design held another edition of its ‘Original Talks’ series, during which panel members discusses the value of original design in a region that’s on the brink of a construction boom.

The seminar is part of a series of discussions that focus on this year’s theme for Downtown Design: original design.

Continued growth of the UAE real estate sector as well as luxury real estate is expected as Dubai prepares for Expo2020. A report launched by EC Harris also notes that the estimated value of construction projects in the UAE will reach $315bn this year.

UAE designer and d3 ambassador Khalid Shafar, says that bringing ‘original design’ to a wide audience in the Middle East will contribute to the growth of the sector here: “It’s important to study the masters to appreciate the true value of original design. Original design to me is when inspiration and craftsmanship meet innovation.”

Tareq AbuRoza, managing director, Sicis ME, agreed with Shafar, adding: “Producing the high-quality bespoke interiors of luxury hotels such as Al Burj Al Arab or Emirates Palace requires a unique vision, solid workmanship and strong collaboration between developers, architects, interior designers and global design brands. That to me is also key to producing original design.”