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Design proposal for chapel in Senegal uses local materials

UK architects Sean Cassidy and Joe Wilson of Cassidy+Wilson have proposed the design of a circular chapel in Senegal to be built with hand-made bricks to unite the community.

A sanctuary for locals of Tanaf, Senegal, the design applies a sunken exterior moat, which invites visitors to privately reflect and pray, while the central sanctum is designed to be constructed and built by those in the community. According to the architects, it allows locals to “take pride in and call their own upon completion”.

As part of the Kaira Looro competition, Mandingo for “Architecture for Peace”, entrants were asked to develop a small religious design that focused on sustainable and culturally-driven architecture, for a place with a lack of materials and construction method while nonetheless using that construction method in new inventive ways.”

The proposal’s circular form is meant to represent unity and peace, while also serving as a landmark in the village. Set back from the road, the design creates the foundation for a civic plaza that encourages social engagement.

In 2016, Senegal’s Artist Residency and Cultural Center by Toshiko Mori Architects was shortlisted for an Aga Khan Award for Architecture. To read more about it, click here.