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Design Days Dubai: Ammar Kalo and Architecture + Other Things create furniture from recycled car tires

Bee’ah, Sharjah-based environmental management company, commissioned two design teams: Amaar Kalo and Architecture + Other Things to explore the potential of using its locally recycled rubber crumbs to design two different furniture collections.

Macaron by Ammar Kalo

Bee’ahs Tire Recycling Factory uses the cryogenic process to recycle over 900 used tires into crumb rubber on a daily basis. This is the material that was then used by the design teams to create functional furniture.

The two teams worked together to understand the qualities of the material, resulting in two different research outcomes with Kalo exploring the softness of the material as well as its compressibility and ability to bond with other recycled materials, while the other team looked at its contradictory qualities and played with various conditions and layering.

Kalo created Macaron Seats using recycled tires using the same industrial method Bee’ah uses to make rubber pavement tiles.

Photo by Sharon Haridas /ITP Images

“I designed the chairs based on the same moulding technique used to create pavements and I mixed in some wood shavings that came from making the legs for the chair,” Kalo explained.

Earth by Architecture+ Other Things

“The other team also worked on using the same material but different ratios of binder and were able to achieve a layered effect and a hardness almost like concrete,” he said.

Each Macaron seat is made by pressing a two-part mould onto a pre-made wood frame. It features wooden legs that jut out of the rubber mass and fold towards the ground, leaving an x-shaped silhouette. The mixed in wooden chips were integrated during the leg-making process and gives the rubber seats a contrasting, speckled look.

Architecture + Other Things created Earth, a series of objects from an ongoing research entitled ‘Almost Natural Things’. It explores the role of Anthropocene in the production of architecture and design.