Daredevils can brave supertall glass walkway with no hand rails

The latest tourist attraction in China is a “sky walk” which allows those with a head for heights to dangle off an 88-storey skyscraper.

The 340m Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai’s financial district has unveiled an outdoor glass walkway and the transparent structure is just over a metre wide and has no railings to hold on to.

The high-rise itself was originally designed by Burj Khalifa architect Adrian Smith.

Fifteen visitors can walk or sit on the skywalk at any one time, fastened to a beam with a length of rope and a safety belt.

The structure will be open to public next week. Visitors will have to pay 388 yuan ($58) for a stroll in the sky.

“We think everyone in the world will love this,” said Wang Chaonina, the spokesperson for  Jin Mao Tower.