Culture and heritage fundamental to work of an architect say Tabanlioglu

Showcasing designs which reflect a nation’s heritage and building with an eye on the culture of a country are fundamental to the award winning projects of Tabanlioglu Architects.

 The company said its Turkish-base gives a unique perspective on east and west as its locations bridges cultural gaps and absorbs influences from across cultures.

 The enterprise of Melkan and Murat Tabanlioglu – joint former Middle East Architect of the Year winners – the practice is currently behind the Crystal Towers, a mixed use development in Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai, and a museum in Qatar.

 A book reflecting on the firm’s contribution to the world of architecture has also just been published, while Murat is curator of Turkey’s National Pavilion at the Venice International Biennale Architecture Exhibition.

 Melkan said: “Some countries do not make the most of the culture that they have – they don’t look back to what older times offered.

 “But if they do – especially in the field of design – they are adding to the history and the richness of the region.

 “The most important thing anywhere is not just making money from architecture. It’s investing in the future and creating cities which people will love.

 “Dubai, for example, was a desert a few years ago. Now it is a place where people want to come and live their lives.”

 The company took part in this year’s Cityscape Global and said over the last two years its members have started to “feel more local” as they take on more and more projects in the GCC.

 Melkan said: “We’ve always believed in the region’s power and its future development. Our architectural approach is always focused on being in harmony with “the place” and creating “places for people” to appreciate.

 “We are enthusiastic to share our experience and knowledge in our field of expertise and we endeavour to collaborate with regional counterparts on contemporary architectural developments.”

 Former World Architecture Festival judge Murat added: “For many years, the Middle East has always been the arena of architectural opportunities as the investments in the region support architectural development.

 “Being from Turkey, we have a historic bond with the people and culture of the GCC and U.A.E, in order to understand and provide specific solutions to contemporary needs of the region, for which our works been appreciated in return.

 “Participating in Cityscape for numerous years as lecturers, participants of fairs and nominees and winners of the awards, we have developed a fruitful relationship with the valuable intellectual community as well as the investors of the GCC and beyond.”