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The Shard, London, England

CTBUH announces tall building design competition open to all architecture students

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has announced the 7th edition of the International Student Building Design Competition, which aims to shed a new light on the “meaning and value of tall buildings in modern society”.

The competition’s intention to divert the idea of the tall building being a “single pieces of sculpture” that is in isolation from its surroundings. Instead, design proposals should highlight a future-oriented response to creating towers that respond to relevant issues including population growth; mass urbanisation; climate change; environmental degradation; social, political and economic change; as well as the rapid advancement of technology.

“The future of humanity on this planet relies on the collective benefits of urban density; reducing both land consumption and the energy needed to construct and operate the horizontally dispersed city. Tall buildings must now be the vehicles for creating increased density not just through sheer height, but by connecting multiple layers of the city,” the press release for the competition said.

“Physical urban infrastructure, circulation, greenery, and urban functions traditionally restricted to the ground level would all, ideally, continue up and into the building, such that the buildings themselves become an extension of the city: a part of the two-dimensional horizontal urban plane flipped vertical.”

Students are given freedom in choosing a site anywhere in the world as long as it is an existing, physical site that should have a significant influence over the project’s design.

Participants are also free to determine the size, height, function, accommodation, and responsibilities of the building.

Designs should explore the tower’s with its urban setting and how it can inspired by the cultural, physical, and environmental aspects of its chosen site.

Proposed designs should only include functional buildings.

Five finalists will be selected to present their schemes at the CTBUH 2018 Conference. The deadline for the competition is July 23, 2018.

You can view more information about the brief and submit a project here. 

According to CTBUH, 2017 saw the most built skyscrapers than any other year. 

Earlier this year, CTBUH also revealed its monthly predictions for tall buildings in 2018.