Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum experiences redesign

Cox Rayner Architects have designed the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum, which plays a significant role in recovering and conserving Australia’s major dinosaur remnant collection, one of the five most important worldwide.

The firm has designed the museum to augment its setting and the dinosaur-laden vast alluvial landscape it is built upon. Its larger design objective was to develop a novel approach to creating a typical Australian contemporary rural architecture.

The Australian Age of Dinosaurs is formed from the earth of its site and was constructed by local community labor. Its water is sourced from a nearby well and its power from on-site generators while still achieving museum-standard climate control conditions for its collections hall.

Very few of its elements are purchased or imported from outside the region. The hardware is hand-crafted from off-cuts; the sunscreens are naturally rusted iron plates perforated by hand, and the earth panels are textured using the same latex molds that are used to cradle and protect the dinosaur fossils.