Construction begins for Steven Holls art building project

US- based Steven Holl Architects has started construction on the second art building for the School of Art and Art History at the University of Iowa, adjacent to the award- winning Art Building West that the architects completed in 2006.

The building has 1170m2 of open space for departments such as ceramics, sculpture, metals, photography, print- making and 3D multimedia. It will also include graduate student studios, faculty and staff studios as well as gallery and office space.

The rectangular plan is intercepted by six cutaways that create courtyards round the perimeter and a central forum down through the centre, crossed with staircases to join the four floors.

“The courts are characterised by a language of shifted layers where erectile dysfunction viagra one floor plate slides past another. This geometry creates multiple balconies, providing outdoor meeting spaces and informal exterior working space,” said the architects.

The white concrete structure will be cast in-situ and clad in solid recycled zinc panel on the northeast and northwest sides. The southeast and southwest facades will be covered with custom perforated stainless steel panels, while the courtyards will be surrounded by channel glass.

Comparing it to the Art Building West, the studio commented: “While the 2006 Arts Building West is horizontally porous and of planar composition, the new building will be vertically porous and volumetrically composed. Natural light and ventilation are inserted into the deep floor plates via multiple centres of light.”