Concrete canopies feature of South Korean golf clubhouse

Sweeping concrete curving canopies surround a golf clubhouse on South Korea’s Changseon Island in a design by Seoul architecture firm Mass Studies.

It has been designed to provide dining and spa facilities for the South Cape Owner’s Club golf resort and it is located at the peak of a hill, with views out over the sea.

Described by the architects as being like “a pair of bars bending outward”, the building’s plan comprises a pair of curving single-storey blocks that are both sheltered beneath one X-shaped roof.

The curving canopies follow the bowed walls of the two blocks, but also integrate a series of smooth folds that present dramatic changes between light and shadow.

“The two curvatures of the building engage with specific moments of its immediate surroundings, hugging the existing context – the rocky hill to the east, and the vista out toward the cape to the west,” said the designers.

“From a distance, the appearance of the clubhouse reads horizontal, demure, and subtle.

“However, once in and around the clubhouse, one begins to have a dramatic experience through the perspectival exaggerations and the views framed by the illustrious canopy edges.”

The western arm of the building accommodates the dining areas, with a banqueting hall and restaurant are positioned at opposite ends of the block.