Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Al Nasseem, X-Architects

Completely pedestrian zones in Al Ain mixed-use development

The Al Nasseem mixed-use development in Al Ain, chosen by Estidama as one of its first pilot projects for 2008, will have completely pedestrian zones in public areas.

The master plan for the Al Nasseem is inspired by the natural features of Al Ain and traditional Islamic cities. It will provide housing for approximately 1450 residents.

“It’s a car free development; we used the topography in an interesting way. We created the car parking at a basement or underground level. The public realm is all pedestrian,” said Ahmed Al-Ali, co-founder, X-Architects.

Parking is available in subterranean space to reduce pollution and congestion, while providing safer walk-friendly public spaces.

Al-Ali said the firm is working on the project, thinking from all aspects of sustainability, and is aiming for a three Pearl-rating with Estidama.

He said the plot is self-sufficient in retail needs and public spaces, and will have its own amenities like mosques, hospitals and women centres.

While X-Architects has won the contract for masterplanning, it hopes to be able to work on its architecture as well.