Colin Farrell stars as architect in bizarre sci-fi romantic thriller

Actor Colin Farrell takes on the role of an architect in one of the most unlikely film ideas to be realised in recent year.

In the world of Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos’s “Lobster”, society has decreed that single people or those who have lost partners must find someone during a hotel “dating game” or be turned into an animal of their choice.

The film, recently shown at the Cannes film festival features a somewhat bloated-looking Farrell as an architect whose wife has left him.

Farrell, who said he was thrilled the film was made in his native Ireland, added: “I have no clue what it’s about except a sense of the deep loneliness that permeates modern life.”

Farrell and co-star Rachel Weisz (pictured)  join Ben Whishaw, Léa Seydoux and Olivia Colman in the film.

Lanthimos, an Oscar nominee in the best foreign language film category for his 2009 drama Dogtooth, said, “I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to work with such great actors. Their contribution to our film will enrich and expand the world we are trying to create and explore.

“Furthermore our team of old and new collaborators makes me very confident and excited to start making this film.”