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Cloud House receives a shower when someone sits inside

A “cloud” looming over a shed pours real rain water on the roof whenever someone sits inside.

The Cloud House was created by artist Matthew Mazzotta, and is installed at Farmer’s Park in Springfield, Missouri.

The art installation is built from reclaimed wood, with its two ends completely open and the cloud-shaped design made in resin sits over the corrugated metal roof, supported by a pipe.

When a person sits on one of the two rocking chairs under the shelter, pressure sensors in the floor are activated.

Pumps to transport water from an underground storage tank up into the cloud, which releases the liquid through holes to simulate rain.

Those inside can hear the drops hitting the tin roof, and watch the water seep through the window lintels to feed plants growing in the sills.

The roof has hidden gutters that collect real rainwater, which is funnelled down through the walls to the tank so it gets constantly recycled.