Cityscape: Bringing Dubai urban design style to Ras Al Kaimah

Details of the Mina all Arab mixed-use project in Ras Al Khaimah were revealed by architect firm Benoy at Cityscape Global.

The 811.000m2 project is part of an overall drive by the emirate to increase tourism, as it is cited close to several historic villages.

But it is also a life-style destination, offering residential accommodation, hotels, retail and leisure with a strong emphasis on the waterfront.

Architect Paul Priest explained: “In some ways it will bring a Dubai-lifestyle to Ras Al Khaimah. But theer is another side to the project which involves the heritage villages and nearby outstanding areas of natural beauty. So it will tap into many different elements.

“There will be two hotels, one luxury and one boutique and water taxis will be a method of transport with  a large beach area made available for residents and visitors.”