Cities Boutique reveals design installation by Nayef Francis

Located in the Galleria Mall in Dubai, UAE, Cities Boutique has launched a new installation that consists of Lebanese designer Nayef Francis’ latest creations. To be displayed between 26 May and 2 June 2015, the exhibit will showcase the artist’s existing work as well as include several new pieces designed specifically for the Cities installation.

According to Hazem Aljesr, owner of Cities Boutique, the new exhibition will include a large selection of Francis’ design objects, including furniture, lighting and accessories.

“Cities has always been a fan of the work that Nayef Francis creates,” explains Aljesr. “His ideas are very innovative and his style is quite diverse, but he always stays true to his vision of creating objects that focus on functionality and provide harmony between the object and the user.

“One of the goals of Cities is to provide a platform for up-and-coming designers and support them in any way we can. Making him the subject of an installation at our store seemed like a great way to garner interest in his work and offer encouragement in the creation of new forms of design.”

As Aljesr explains it, Francis’ work can be characterised by its high-quality craftsmanship, vision and versatility. Due to these three leading elements, Francis seems to be a perfect fit for the Cities boutique, allowing it to continue offering its clients with inspiration and ideas. Francis’ work is well-made and boasts a contemporary style, which can be easily observed by admiring his seating or lighting designs.

According to Francis himself, design is a global asset with demand in the UAE on the rise. “As a designer from this region, I would like to be present within such a diversified population with a high appreciation of recognisable standards in design,” says the designer. “Cities Dubai believed in us and exposed a need for a feel of local insight when it comes to design products. I believe that with more backup from retailers in the region, such an expectation will be effortless as our rich background in local trend and lead tendencies of style in the Middle East was our actual starting point.”

Francis further notes that he has received quite a lot of positive feedback from the region, as he was previously selected as one of the designers from the Levant region to be sponsored by Musk & Amber at Downtown Design.

“This helped us to set a strong foot in the door within the market,” Francis explains. “There is a lot of support for new designers coming from the region, to be honest…This diversification of choice creates ample room for designs, who blend into the fabric of the local culture, to thrive.”