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CID Awards 2017: Anarchitect wins best outdoor design awards for El Chiringuito Ibiza.Dubai

Interior architect and founder of Dubai-based studio Anarchitect, Jonathan Ashmore, picked up the award in Best Outdoor Design category, which was reintroduced this year, for his work on El Chiringuito Ibiza.Dubai. Anarchitect’s focus was to create a space that felt like the Mediterranean summers in Ibiza not just through aesthetics, but by integrating both the indoor and outdoor spaces so that migration between them feels effortless and natural.

“It’s a new category and with this project we had the opportunity to synergise outdoor and indoor interiors,” Ashmore explained. “It was an interesting challenge that came from my client in Ibiza who wanted to translate the similar concept here but also to give it the feel of the Palm and Dubai. We had a very tight timeframe for the project and a strong brief from our client to deliver something unique.”

Seeing other shortlisted projects, Ashmore said he didn’t believe that he would win.

“The other [projects] are amazing. The uniqueness of our project was that we were engaged in the entire process, from the architecture to the interiors and the detailing. It was a great team effort from the structural engineers to the landscaping guys.”

The work by Jonathan Ashmore and his team was described as “subtle and graceful” and “blended in a way that conveys relaxation”.

One judge added that “its beauty lies in simplicity”. The judges commended the quality of custom-made furniture and lighting as well as the choice of materials that contextually responds to the region’s harsh climate.

Another judge described it as a “breath of fresh air felt through the colour scheme and choice of materials”.

The highly commended project, Iammai by Stickman Tribe, was praised for its great finishes and furniture as well as Persian rug-inspired pool.

The award was presented by Mirko Habek, group managing director from S’N’S.