Chipperfield’s Nobel Centre faces opposition

David Chipperfield’s appointment to design the Nobel Foundation’s new home in Stockholm has initiated opposition from heritage protestors who are campaigning to prevent the project from going forward.

They stated in an online petition that they are “opposed to star-architects constructing their angular spectacles of glass and steel right in the middle of the protected historic environment, as monuments to themselves, at our expense and the city’s”.

The protestors are especially distressed that the project required the demolition of multiple historic structures, with thousands voicing their disapproval on a Facebook group.

Despite these oppositions, the Nobel Foundation has refused to back out and expressed that the protests will not lead to success.

Planned for the central water-front location along the Blasieholmen, the centre will require the demolition of an 1876 Axel Fredrik Nystom-design Customs House and the city’s last remaining wooden harbour warehouses that were built in the early 1900s.

Although acknowledging the importance of the Nobel Centre to Sweden’s history, the protestors have insisted the project is relocated to another, less invasive location.

The Nobel Foundation’s Annika Pontikis pointed out that the site was gifted to the Nobel Foundation by the city, preserving it for a significant cultural project “with an international outreach” that will transform the area into a prominent cultural destination.