Chipperfield to design home for Nobel Prize

David Chipperfield has been named winner in a competition to design a new home for the Nobel Prize in Stockholm.

The Nobel Center is to be  an events venue for the award that recognises advances in science and culture.

“I think all projects are important but this project has enormous meaning, not just for the city of Stockholm but internationally. An architecture challenge doesn’t come much better than this,” said Chipperfield.

The architect’s vision is for a shimmering brass-clad building on the waterfront which will be fully glazed on the ground floor, opening out to a new city park on the south-eastern side of the site.

“The jury finds the lightness and openness of the building very appealing and consistent with the Nobel Foundation’s explicit ambition to create an open and welcoming centre for the general public,” said Nobel Foundation executive director  and judge Lars Heikensten.