Central marble courtyard is key feature for new mosque in Dubai by Ibdaa

A central marble courtyard is the major feature of a new mosque in Dubai which is the work of Ibda Design.

The architects used Saudi Arabian sandstone for the outer walls of the place of worship with the aim of making the building to look like an extension of the desert.

A textured minaret crowns the structure whose ochre walls provide a contrast to the building’s white dome and marble-lined interior.

“Al Warqa’a Mosque echoes the spatial simplicity of Prophet Muhammad’s seventh-century house in Medina, which is considered the first mosque in history,” said the studio.

“The design approach behind this layout was influenced by an understanding of the mosque as a multi functional space for the community to congregate and socialise in after prayer; in this way it is seen as an extension of its immediate environment.”

The courtyard links with the main hall and is used as an overspill area during Friday prayers, or peak times during Ramadan and Eid, while a row of trees and a minaret rise from the open-air space, which is also intended as a place to socialise.

Worshipers enter the main hall through a set of arched openings and glass doors, while wooden doors open onto the street, or into a corridor leading to washrooms and dining areas to encourage a fluid use of the building.

“This increased accessibility creates an oasis-like effect that emphasises the notion of the mosque as a communal space,” said the studio.

“Defining access into the haram [holy space] through the sahn [courtyard] is designed to create a spatial shift that gradually takes worshippers from the busy street environment to the serene space.

Images courtesy of Ibdaa